Personal Care & Home Services

Whether you or a loved one is living with a disability, there are abundant support services accessible through funding from the NDIS to help ensure a fulfilling life!


How Can Personal Care Services Help Someone With a Disability?

Individuals with disabilities experience diverse levels of physical, mental, and emotional functioning based on the nature of their disability. These variations can significantly impact their ability to carry out routine tasks. Nevertheless, certain activities are crucial for maintaining health and facilitating a full life. Among these, Personal Care tasks are fundamental, forming the foundation for performance in all other aspects of life. If you or a loved one has a disability, there may be challenges in accomplishing everyday activities. Eating nutritiously, practicing personal hygiene, dressing oneself, and using the restroom all play vital roles in preserving an individual's sense of self and dignity.

Personal Activities and Care

Supporting Individuals to Live Independently and with Dignity

Living with a disability means facing daily challenges, from navigating morning routines to completing tasks on your to-do list or engaging in social activities with friends. Fortunately, there are support services designed to simplify your life. Aus Care Community Services are ready to assist with any Personal Care tasks that may be challenging for you to handle independently. Our services encompass a range of activities, including: - Morning Routines - Medication Routines - Personal Hygiene - including showering/bathing, grooming, dressing - Eating and Drinking - cooking, meal planning - Using the Toilet - And more!
Personal Care Supports involve aid with daily activities, whether it be due to living independently or requiring assistance for essential tasks due to a disability. These supports encompass helping or overseeing various personal daily living tasks, including: - Personal hygiene activities like showering, bathing, oral hygiene, dressing, and grooming - Assistance with using the toilet and managing bladder and bowel functions - Support with eating/meal prepping and drinking - Accompanying to appointments - Utilising aids, appliances, hearing devices, and communication tools - Assisting with mobility and transfers, such as moving in and out of bed or onto and off the toilet - Applying splints or providing basic first aid for injuries resulting from the disability
The NDIS evaluates various factors before determining the funding available to you or your loved one. Support services must be deemed reasonable and necessary to assist in achieving your goals, purpose, and aspirations. When assessing Personal Care Supports, the focus is on their ability to enhance the participant's independence and functional skills, considering whether less intrusive alternatives or arrangements are viable. Utilising aids and equipment with training, if feasible, may be considered to enhance independence. The specifics of your NDIS Plan dictate how the funds can be utilised. If you are uncertain about whether your needs fit into this category, our friendly A-Team can assist you in clarifying with the NDIA the coverage under your personalised plan.
At Aus Care CS, we are comprehensive support providers dedicated to assisting you in achieving your goals. This means we go above and beyond to meet your personal care requirements. With experience and empathy, we strive to enhance your quality of life. Building meaningful relationships with our clients, we offer a personalised and compassionate service, carefully matching you or your loved one with someone who takes the time to understand your goals and collaborates with you consistently to ensure their attainment. When developing a Personal Care Plan, we consider your individual needs, ensuring you have the necessary support to accomplish all your objectives. We recognise the significance of personal care and understand the challenges it may pose, yet we believe it is integral to living a fuller life. At Aus Care CS, we pride ourselves in the 90%+ positive feedback recorded from both our participants and our employees, and this is why we strongly back our claims that we are dedicated to your or your loved ones best interests.
Should you have unaddressed Personal Care requirements, reach out to us through our online platform, by phone, by email or in person! We can arrange a meeting to assess your needs, discuss what falls under the coverage of the NDIS, and connect you with the appropriate individuals. Collaboratively, we will devise a plan that aligns with your preferences to provide the necessary support for any personal care services you might require.
The NDIS allocates funding for reasonable and necessary supports tailored to individuals with disabilities, and each participant's NDIS Plan varies. If your capacity to engage in Personal Care Activities is restricted, the NDIS can grant funding for you to access Aus Care CS's personal care services.

What Cleaning Services are Available Under NDIS?

Understanding the scope of coverage provided by your NDIS Core Supports might be unclear. The Assistance with Daily Living category encompasses services that are both reasonable and necessary, directly addressing your disability. This may involve any of the following:

- Domestic cleaning
- Housekeeping
- In-home laundry
- Gardening
- House maintenance

If you can independently perform these activities despite your disability, or if hiring a professional for any of these services is a common need for individuals without a disability, they may not be covered by the NDIS. We can offer referrals to various providers based on your specific needs to help you reach your goals.

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Domestic Cleaning

Reliable and High-Quality Cleaning Services for Your Home

We offer reliable and high-quality home cleaning services, tailoring cleaning plans to meet individual needs and preferences. Our objective is to furnish individuals with disabilities a clean and secure living space. Aus Care CS is adept at providing a range of cleaning services throughout your home, enhancing your overall quality of life. Our cleaners can personalise tasks to accommodate your specific requirements. These tasks may encompass, but are not limited to: - Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors - Dusting and sanitizing hard surfaces - Organizing possessions, clothing, or food items - Cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchen areas - Washing and drying dishes - Washing, folding, and ironing clothes - Fridge and oven cleans
Domestic cleaning helps individuals with disabilities by ensuring a clean, safe, and organised living environment. It supports their independence, reduces stress, promotes hygiene and socialisation, with our offered customised cleaning plans. This service saves time and energy while providing consistency in home maintenance.
At Aus Care Community Services, we recognise the significance of a clean and secure living environment for individuals with disabilities. Our Domestic Cleaning service provides tailored cleaning plans and top-notch cleaning services, with our team committed to delivering dependable and caring support.
The NDIS takes various factors into account when determining your available funding. The support services must be deemed reasonable and necessary to assist in achieving your goals, purpose, and aspirations. Cleaning and home maintenance fall under the Core Supports category and are categorised as Assistance with Daily Activities. How you can utilise the available funds is determined by the specifics of your NDIS Plan. If you are uncertain whether your needs fall into this category, we can assist you in clarifying with the NDIA what is and isn’t covered under your personalised plan through our Support Coordination and Plan Management Services.

Garden Maintenance

Reliable and Comprehensive Maintenance Services for Your Home and Garden

Cultivating a thriving garden stands as a testament to the vitality of life. When adequately nurtured with water, sunlight, and nutrients, a garden can flourish and prosper. This serves as a metaphor for life in general, emphasising that with the right environment, we can grow and thrive. However, creating and sustaining a garden poses various challenges, and not everyone possesses the ability to establish or maintain a vibrant one. Garden Maintenance can be a demanding task, and individuals living with disabilities may encounter additional challenges in ensuring the health of their gardens. Aus Care CS's support services are poised to assist them in overcoming these challenges. Whether you or a loved one is living with a disability, a plethora of support services funded by the NDIS is available. These services encompass tasks such as gardening services, ensuring that you can embrace life to the fullest.
For individuals living with a disability, engaging in activities like Garden Maintenance can pose challenges, consume considerable time, or even be entirely unattainable. Spending time outdoors, basking in sunlight for vitamin D, and breathing in fresh air are beneficial for overall health, making these experiences important for everyone. A well-maintained and flourishing garden can significantly impact someone's life, especially if they face physical limitations, mobility restrictions, or consider their garden a cherished space. People with disabilities derive as much enjoyment from their gardens as anyone else. Unfortunately, a disability may hinder someone from fully tending to their plants as they deserve. Our NDIS Garden Maintenance Services are here to handle the strenuous tasks, ensuring that your outdoor space remains a vibrant, well-tended retreat for you to relish for years to come.
Whether you're seeking assistance in designing your ideal garden or simply require lawn mowing, Aus Care Community Services offers a diverse range of services to help you craft your perfect outdoor space. Depending on your disability level, Our Garden Maintenance professionals can collaborate with you or take care of the tasks on your behalf. Commonly approved NDIS gardening services that individuals often access include: - Lawn mowing - Planting and watering - Weed elimination - Leaf raking - Debris clearing and removal - Hedge or tree trimming Whatever your gardening needs may be, reach out to us, and we can guide you in optimising the Garden Maintenance resources available to you under your NDIS Plan.
Garden Maintenance and Home Maintenance fall within the purview of NDIS Plans when an individual's incapacity to perform these tasks is connected to their disability. The NDIS encompasses Core Supports, Capacity Building, and Capital Funding as distinct categories of support essential for individuals living with disabilities. The categorisation of funding under these segments depends on how your disability impacts your ability to undertake gardening responsibilities. Let Aus Care Community Services direct the assessment of your needs and assist in maximising the utilisation of your available support services.

Consumables Products

High-Quality Consumables Products for Individuals with Disabilities

Our offerings encompass a wide range of high-quality consumable products tailored for individuals with disabilities. This includes items like incontinence products, mobility aids, and various daily living essentials. Our aim is to ensure that individuals have ready access to the products they need to support their daily living requirements.
Consumable Products are vital for individuals with disabilities as they offer essential support for daily living requirements.
At Aus Care Community Services, we recognise the significance of individuals having access to top-quality consumable products for their everyday living requirements. Through our Consumables Products service, we offer a diverse selection of items, which include incontinence products, mobility aids, and various daily living aids, all designed to provide support to individuals with disabilities. Our team is committed to delivering compassionate and dependable care, ensuring that individuals can readily access the essential products that facilitate their daily living needs.
Please reach out to us via the contact form at the bottom of the page for information on consumable qualifications and how to gain yours, or check out this link for NDIS details:

Meal Preparation

Healthy and Nutritious Meal Preparation Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Maintaining a well-balanced diet through consistent, nutrient-rich meals is crucial for overall well-being. However, the journey to healthy eating begins with careful planning and preparation. Regrettably, crafting a flavourful and nutritious meal may present a challenge for individuals living with disabilities. Aus Care Community Services offers NDIS Meal Preparation Support, allowing you to prioritise your well-being without compromising on nutrition goals. Whether you or a loved one faces a disability, Aus Care CS is here to assist with Meal Preparation and delivery, utilising funding from the NDIS to ensure you lead a fulfilling - and delicious! - life.
Recognising that disabilities manifest in diverse forms, not everyone encounters identical challenges. Maintaining a healthy diet plays a pivotal role in overall well-being. Deficiencies in essential vitamins or nutrients can exacerbate pre-existing disabilities, adding further complexity to one's life. If you live with a disability that hinders your ability to adhere to a nutritious meal plan, you need not endure it silently. Your NDIS funding might offer assistance if your capacity to plan and prepare meals is restricted. Whether you face difficulties devising a healthy weekly menu, have specific dietary requirements, cannot engage in cooking or food preparation, or are unable to independently purchase food, our NDIS Meal Preparation and delivery services are here to support you. Collaboratively, we will craft a nourishing and personalised meal plan tailored to your tastes and needs.
NDIS participants can secure funding for meal preparation under the Assistance with Daily Living category. This encompasses NDIS food preparation services and delivery supports, vital for obtaining nutritious meals that contribute to overall well-being. However, it's crucial to understand that the NDIS doesn't cover commonplace living expenses, such as the cost of food or ingredients for meals. The NDIS acknowledges that access to meal preparation services significantly eases the everyday living costs for individuals with disabilities, who often face additional challenges in preparing and accessing healthy meals. This support ensures you can maintain a healthy diet without the added financial burden of purchasing and preparing food independently. By receiving assistance with meal preparation, participants can divert their focus to other aspects of personal growth and well-being. As NDIS meal providers, Aus Care CS caters to specific dietary requirements and preferences, ensuring meals are not only nutritious but also enjoyable, ultimately contributing to an enriched quality of life.
Aus Care Community Services are equipped to assist with various Meal Preparation tasks tailored to your specific needs, ensuring you receive a healthy and balanced diet to enhance your quality of life. These tasks may encompass, but are not confined to, the following: - Developing meal plans and menus - Grocery shopping for ingredients - Preparing or aiding in cooking meals - Dishwashing - Assisting with food storage and organisation - Dividing food into daily meals
The NDIS takes various factors into account before determining your available funding, emphasising that support services should be reasonable and necessary to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. Meal preparation and menu plans fall within the Core Supports category, classified as Assistance with Daily Activities. If your disability prevents you from cooking a meal or shopping for ingredients, NDIS funding can cover the costs of meal preparation, including meal delivery services. The utilisation of available funds is contingent on the specifics outlined in your NDIS Plan. If uncertainty exists regarding whether your needs fall under this category, we can assist you in clarifying with the NDIA the precise coverage under your personalised plan.
The NDIS will take care of the expenses associated with preparing and delivering your meals. However, it does not include the cost of ingredients, categorising them as 'everyday expenses.' Consequently, many meal service providers employ a standardised formula for their meals, rather than itemising each ingredient. This approach helps in breaking down the overall cost, encompassing preparation, delivery, and ingredients, and may vary among different providers. Typically, providers adopt a co-pay method, with NDIS funding covering approximately 70% of the meal cost, while the remaining 30% is covered by the participant.
To begin with, contact us through our online platform, by phone, or in person! We can arrange a meeting to assess your dietary requirements and determine what is covered and available to you under the NDIS. Subsequently, we'll connect you with the appropriate individuals, and we will devise a customised plan to ensure you maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, promoting optimal health.

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