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This page provides information on how both the A-team and the NDIS can support your travel needs.


How Aus Care CS and the NDIS can assist you!

Navigating travel choices might appear straightforward and evident to a significant portion of the population. However, individuals dealing with disabilities often encounter substantial hurdles when it comes to moving around.

People living with disabilities often face a multitude of challenges regarding their mobility, including the ability to arrange and utilize transportation, be it private or public.

Whether you, or someone you care for, experience life with a disability, there are numerous support services accessible with financial support from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). These services are geared towards ensuring that you can lead a fulfilling life, and at Aus Care CS, we can assist in making this happen for you or your loved one.

On this page you will find more information as to how not only the
A-team can assist you, but also how the NDIS can support you on your travel needs.

We would like to remind our website guests that we offer assistance with navigating their NDIS plans, and offer information as to how they can get this service.

What transport and Travel Services are Available Under NDIS?

Whether your transportation requirements include using public buses or trains for commuting to school or work, utilizing taxi services for appointments, or shopping trips, Aus Care Community Services are dedicated to collaborating with you to identify suitable travel solutions, including using private vehicles for your needs. Our aim is to ensure your safe and punctual arrival at your intended destinations.
Living with a disability often entails grappling with numerous core challenges, and mobility is a significant one. The ability to move around is essential for leading a typical life, but individual circumstances can pose obstacles to driving a car or using public transportation for yourself or a loved one. Access to alternative transportation options like taxis may also be limited, resulting in substantial limitations in terms of attending appointments, commuting to work or school, traveling, shopping, and visiting friends and family. One of the most formidable hurdles faced by individuals with disabilities is a sense of dependency stemming from these personal circumstances. However, with the assistance of Transport and Travel Services, a new level of independence can be achieved, allowing full participation in your community, social interactions, and personal tasks.
At Aus Care CS, we are comprehensive support providers dedicated to helping you reach your objectives. This commitment remains at the forefront of our approach when arranging your transportation and travel solutions. We tirelessly strive to ensure your safe and secure journeys. Our team combines extensive experience with genuine empathy, working diligently to enhance your quality of life. We foster deep connections with our clients and offer a personalised, compassionate, and secure service. You will be paired with an individual who understands your specific travel needs and will consistently work with you to ensure they are met. We take into account your personal goals when organising transportation and travel arrangements, ensuring you receive the necessary support to engage in various activities. We recognise the challenges associated with transportation and travel as you pursue daily activities, attend appointments, and engage in community life. Our reputation is built on our remarkable speed in processing referrals, with swift turnaround and approval times to ensure your travel needs are met.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) takes various factors into account when determining your allocated funding. The support services must be both reasonable and necessary to assist you in attaining your goals, purpose, and aspirations. Transport and Travel Services are included in the Core Supports category, which encompasses the organisation and provision of transportation. However, it may also align with other Core Supports categories if your needs overlap. The specific structure of your NDIS Plan will dictate how you can utilise the allocated funds, whether they fall under Core Supports, Capacity Building, or Capital Funding. If you have uncertainties regarding the eligibility of your needs in this category, we can assist you in clarifying with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) what falls within the scope of your personalised plan.
NDIS funding designated for transportation can cover various options, including community buses, taxis, or alternative means of conveyance for individuals with mobility limitations. Nevertheless, it cannot be utilised to reimburse a family member for providing transportation services. Transport funding available through the NDIS can additionally be directed towards activities aimed at boosting your confidence in utilising transportation. For instance, if you encounter challenges that hinder independent travel, the NDIS may support public transport training or driving lessons. The NDIS is also capable of financing travel alongside a support worker, who can accompany you to community engagements, social interactions, or daily activities. Typically, such funding falls under the Assistance with Social and Community Participation category. Furthermore, modifications to a private vehicle used for transportation, aimed at enhancing accessibility or ease of operation, can be funded by the NDIS under the Assistive Technology category.
If you need assistance with travel or transportation, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach out to us through our online platform, by phone, or in person. We are dedicated to connecting with you, assessing your specific requirements, identifying what falls under NDIS coverage, and matching you with our committed Aus Care CS A-Team. Together, we will collaboratively create a customised plan to ensure you can access your desired destinations promptly and safely, whether it's for community outings, appointments, school commutes, or any other travel needs. Keep in mind that the NDIS provides funding for reasonable and necessary support tailored to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, and each participant's NDIS Plan is individualised. If your mobility is restricted due to a disability, and you are unable to drive or use public transportation, NDIS can offer a general transport allowance to make use of Aus Care CS's Transport and Travel Services.

Transport Cost Breakdown

Displayed is the pricing related to transport via the Core Supports.

Pricing is aligned to the NDIS Price Guide and is adjusted in line with price guide revisions.

Pricing effective from the 1st August 2023.

Aus Care CS tends to follow the Activity Based Transport prices based on participant needs.

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