Aged Care

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How Can Aged Care Services Help my situation?

Aged care services offer personalised support to enhance your quality of life as you age. From personal and health care to companionship, these services address specific needs, providing assistance with daily tasks, managing health, ensuring safety, and fostering emotional well-being. Whether it's help at home, specialized care, or transitional support, aged care services are designed to adapt to your unique situation, promoting independence and a fulfilling lifestyle.

What Aged Care Services are Available Under NDIS?

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), various aged care services are available to support individuals with disabilities as they age. These services aim to enhance independence, well-being, and quality of life. Some of the aged care services covered under the NDIS include:

Personal Care services are essential for supporting individuals in their daily activities, ensuring their well-being and independence. These services include assistance with bathing, dressing, and grooming, encompassing tasks like hair care, shaving, and skincare. Support is also provided for maintaining personal hygiene, including oral and nail care. Additionally, Personal Care services extend to aiding individuals with mobility challenges, facilitating safe transfers within their homes and communities. Overall, these services are tailored to meet individual needs, promoting dignity and enhancing the overall quality of life for individuals with disabilities.
Aus Care CS plays a vital role in providing Health and Well-being Services, supporting individuals in effectively managing their health. This category includes medication management, coordination of medical appointments, assistance with health-related activities, health monitoring, and health education. Aus Care CS ensures the comprehensive addressing of health needs, fostering proactive health management, and improving overall well-being.
Home Care Services provided by Aus Care CS encompass essential support for maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment. This includes assistance with household tasks like cleaning, cooking, and laundry, ensuring a hygienic and organised home. The services also involve home modifications to enhance safety and accessibility, such as installing ramps and grab bars. Adaptive equipment may be provided, and household organisation and safety assessments contribute to creating a supportive and accessible living space for individuals with disabilities.
Companionship and Social Support services by Aus Care CS aim to enhance well-being through preventing loneliness, actively supporting social activities, promoting community engagement, providing emotional well-being support, and ensuring cultural and social inclusivity.
Therapeutic Supports by Aus Care CS offer access to qualified allied health professionals, including physiotherapists and occupational therapists. These professionals play a crucial role in assessing, diagnosing, and providing personalised interventions to enhance mobility, independence, and overall well-being. Individuals receive assistance with exercise routines tailored to their abilities and goals, along with personalised therapeutic interventions designed to address specific health conditions or limitations. Regular monitoring and a holistic health approach ensure ongoing support that empowers individuals to proactively manage their health and enhance their overall quality of life.
Aus Care Community Service's Respite Care provides essential temporary relief for family caregivers. This service is designed to support primary caregivers by offering short-term care options, acknowledging the unique needs of each situation. By ensuring caregivers have the opportunity to take a break and attend to their well-being, Respite Care contributes to the sustainability of caregiving relationships. Customised plans are created in collaboration with individuals and their families, ensuring a seamless transition during the respite period while maintaining continuity of care. Please note that Respite Care is not in everyone's NDIS Plans. You can find more information on Respite Care via our SIL and Respite page.
Aus Care CS's Specialised Care offers tailored services for specific health conditions and provides compassionate palliative care for individuals with life-limiting illnesses. This comprehensive service involves a multidisciplinary approach, ensuring individuals receive coordinated support from skilled professionals across various healthcare disciplines. Emphasising dignity and quality of life, the person-centred approach incorporates individual preferences and values into the care plan. Specialised Care by Aus Care CS is flexible and responsive, adapting to evolving health needs and aiming to enhance overall well-being for individuals facing unique health challenges and their families.
Aus Care CS's Coordination of Services involves guiding individuals in accessing community and government services. This service includes the coordination of various care providers, acting as a central point of contact to ensure seamless communication and collaboration among professionals involved in an individual's care. Emphasising individualised care plans, advocacy, and continuous monitoring, Coordination of Services aims to streamline the support system for individuals, promoting a holistic and person-centred approach to their overall well-being.
Aus Care CS's Transportation Assistance provides vital support for essential activities such as medical appointments and grocery shopping, ensuring individuals have reliable access to necessary services. This service also includes facilitating access to community transport services, promoting flexibility to meet individual needs. With a focus on promoting independence, social engagement, and ensuring safety and comfort during transportation, Aus Care CS aims to enhance the overall mobility and quality of life for individuals with diverse transportation needs.
Aus Care CS's Assistive Technology service involves providing and maintaining a diverse range of assistive devices tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals. This comprehensive support includes the customisation of solutions to enhance independence and collaboration with individuals to ensure that the selected technologies align with their lifestyle and aspirations. The service also emphasises ongoing education and support in technology usage, enabling individuals to confidently integrate assistive devices into their daily lives. Regular assessments and potential upgrades further ensure that Assistive Technology remains responsive to evolving needs, contributing to a dynamic and empowering support system.
Aus Care CS's Nutritional Support provides a comprehensive approach to health and well-being, offering assistance in planning and preparing balanced meals tailored to individual dietary needs. The service includes accommodating preferences, addressing allergies or intolerances, and delivering personalised nutritional guidance. Through a collaborative approach, Aus Care CS actively engages with individuals to understand their health goals and adjusts the support plan as needed. This flexibility ensures that individuals receive ongoing assistance aligned with their evolving nutritional requirements, promoting overall health and wellness. Please see our Meal Planning section for more information!
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Am I qualified for government-funded aged care?

Eligibility hinges on factors such as your health, home management, and existing support. You could qualify for aged care services if you have:

- observed a shift in your abilities or memory
- been diagnosed with a medical condition or faced reduced mobility
- undergone changes in family care arrangements
- experienced a recent fall or hospital admission,
- and are 65 years or older (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander individuals).

  • Step 1: Understanding your needs.

    As you embark on your aged care journey, your first step involves getting in touch with us and exploring available services that aid in maintaining your independence at home or understanding what to expect in an aged care facility. This may involve looking into:

    Help at Home:
    Living independently in your own home may pose challenges as you age. If you find tasks becoming more difficult, seeking assistance is a viable option.

    Short-term Care:
    Whether recovering from a hospital stay or needing support during a family carer's absence, short-term care provides assistance in managing life's disruptions.

    Aged Care Homes:
    If living independently at home becomes challenging, even with carer support or home care services, transitioning to an aged care home may be a suitable option to consider.

  • Step 2: Your Eligibility/Assessment

    At the onset of your aged care journey, a common inquiry is, "How can I access government-subsidised aged care services?"

    Eligibility may apply if you've observed changes in your abilities or memory, received a medical diagnosis or experienced reduced mobility, undergone alterations in family care arrangements, or encountered a recent fall or hospital admission.

    To determine eligibility, the initial step involves a personal assessment typically conducted in your home by a specialist selected by Aus Care CS.

    Following your assessment, you will be informed of your eligibility for government-funded services and, if applicable, the specific services for which you qualify.

  • Step 3: Arranging Aged Care services

    For this step, we do the work for you with connecting to you via phone, email, or whatever is your chosen method of contact.

    We put together a personalized and comprehensive plan is crafted based on the assessment, and both parties carefully examine and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the service agreement.

    Upon this agreement, we practice periodic assessments to ensure ongoing alignment of the care plan with evolving needs is kept.

    At Aus Care CS, transparent communication is a must, and we aim to provide as much knowledge to our participants as possible for a safe and happy outcome!

  • Step 4: Service Delivery

    The final step involves the actual delivery of services by Aus Care CS.

    With the care plan in place and all agreements settled, Aus Care CS commences the provision of tailored services to meet your specific needs.

    Whether it's personal care, home maintenance, companionship, or other specialized supports, Aus Care CS is dedicated to delivering high-quality and personalized care to enhance your well-being.

    With a 90%+ positive participant feedback rating, we will give you first hand experience as to why we are one of the leading providers in aged care!

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